The Logbook

KEKS system for documentation of open youth work and group activities is web-based and is called the Logbook. The system was introduced in 2011 as a way to create a unified model for documenting the daily activities in recreation centers, youth houses and other open youth activities and projects. Since then the system has undergone development through an Erasmus+ Strategic partnership between 4 different countries in cooperation. The Logbook is used today by the Swedish network KEKS, youth workers in Kanuuna-network Finland, as well as youth workers in Dublin, Ireland.

KEKS quality assurance system has four different parts;

•The Logbook –  web based system for documentation
•Annual meeting place survey (find the survey here)
•Group survey (find the survey here)
•Form for key figures
The Logbook is easy to access through computer and smart devices and is used to;
•Gather information to use for follow up and development of youth work
•Make communication between youth workers easier
•Stimulate reflection
•Give heads of departments/units better overview and possibilties to manage youth work

View the Logbook youtube -channel;

To see the presentation of The Logbook that Jonas Agdur did at the Transformative Youth Work International Conference in Plymouth, September 2018: click here.