Spring of democracy

Spring of democracy” project took place between December 2012 and October 2013 and had both local and international activities. The project brought together youngsters from 4 countries (Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and Sweden) that learnt about the concept and practice of democracy, human rights and youth participation through non-formal education methods.

The aim of the project was to stimulate youngsters to reflect upon the human rights driven society and to empower them to become active citizensupon the human rights driven society and to empower them to become active citizens.

Local activities:
– mobile phone film competition

International activities:
– International Mobile Phone Short Film Festival, Gothenburg, Sweden
– Study visit, Gothenburg, Sweden
– Youth exchange, Cairo/Alexandria, Egypt

Results of the project:

”The point when we all worked as citizens to solve problems in our countries was really wonderful, we worked as  responsible humans from different places around the world, we all worked as one hand with no borders or obstacles, this took me to a world of a new generation that can understand each other.” Alaa Ammoura, Jordan

–  Over 60 youngsters directly involved in the project‘s activities

–  More than 150 persons directly involved in the events for the dissemination of results

–  A designed 1 day TC on democracy and youth participation

–  13 movies enrolled in the IFF

–  Brochure for the dissemination of project result

–  5 dissemination events

–  2 international projects to be written/implemented

–  Detailed reports of the international activities

Spring of democracy was co-financed by the Anna Lindh Foundation and implemented by City of Mölndal/KEKS (Sweden), Development No Borders (Egypt), Institute for Leadership Excellence (Jordan), The Palestinian Consultative Staff for Developing NGOs in Jenin Governorate (PCS) from Palestine.

For more information about the project contact the project manager at andreea.maris@molndal.se

Report ”Youth exchange Egypt”

Report ”Study visit and IFF”