The Institute of Research and Training on European Affairs- I.R.T.E.A. was created by specialized young scientists and aims at becoming a strong Think Tank in Greece and South Europe, while bridging the gap between the academic knowledge and the society, politics and the business world. I.R.T.E.A. operates in Athens, Greece and supports not only the Greek society, but also its consultative status to the European Parliament and policy making role at the European Institut

ions. Our major goal is to promote structured and open dialogue between the civil society and EU officials and to foster civic engagement, through innovative projects and activities. I.R.T.E.A.’s advantages include the interaction with both the Greek and the European student

community, the expertise in educational activities such as researches, conferences and simulations, as well as the immediate contact with the decision making centers and the labour market.

Secretary General, Despina Papadaki,

Youth Network MaMa

Youth Network MaMa in a non-governmental umbrella organization combining  50 organizations that run youth centres or are active in field of youth work in Slovenia.

MaMa Network was established as a non-formal network in 2001 at the initiative of youth centres by the bottom-up approach, meaning that it was created as a response to the needs of youth centres to have a networking umbrella organisation. Its main purpose is to connect youth centres and represent their interests in relation to government sector, decision makers and other stakeholders. It regularly cooperates with local and national stakeholders in order to create measures and policies that would improve the position of young people in society.

It also informs its members on all the activities concerning youth and youth work and organizes meetings, encourages communication and project interaction between its members. One of the main goals of MaMa Network is to offer professional help and non-formal education for youth and youth workers as it concerns itself with educational development of youth and youth workers. By carrying out different national and international projects it is also strengthening youth centres and youth work on a local level.

With its activities Youth Network MaMa stimulates and promotes creative activities for youth and emphasizes the principles of tolerance, cooperation and at the same time social awareness among its members and wider.



Inom KEKS-nätverket finns en möjlighet att engagera sig inom olika områden och samarbeta över kommungränser för att få ökad kunskap, inspiration och kunna utvecklas tillsammans. Vi har ett antal olika nätverk i dagsläget, här hittar du kontaktpersoner till de olika nätverken.