The Logbook (the is a web-based documentation system for Youth Work. The system has been created through a Erasmus + financed Strategic Partnership. Read more about the project under RISE further down. The Logbook is managed by KEKS – a swedish network of municipality departments that carry out youth work in Sweden.

To get access to a free test account contact (In the free test account you can access all functions in the system but you can not store data.)


-for common systems for documentation of youth work and non-formal learning

The project is a Strategic partnership financed by the European Commission and the Erasmus + programme through The Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society. The project is coordinated by KEKS and it involves three other European partners from Ireland, Estonia and Romania. Moreover, a representant of the Helsinki Municipality will join the project’s activities.

The purpose of the project is to develop and test a youth work documentation system starting from the Loggboken. (

The project is being implemented between January 2015 and December 2016. During this time we will organize 12 meetings for the two working groups working in the project: the “system development group” and “project management group”.

The system development group has the tasks of developing the system for documentation of youth work, test it and upgrade it if needed. After the development of the new youth work documentation system there will be a testing phase. During the testing phase, the new system will be tested and adjustments will be made if needed. The group has 8 members, two from each partner organization. For more information about the progress and work of this group contact

The project management group has the task of organizing all the practicalities so the project runs smooth and the system development group can do their job as good as possible. The project management group is responsible for organizing meetings, monitoring, risk management, evaluating, reporting etc. The group has 5 members, one per organization and a fifth who has the role of acting as a bridge between the two working groups.

Below you can see a GANTT diagram of the project:

Frequently asked questions – general overview of the RISE Strategic partnership project

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User guide


International meeting in Mamaia, Romania

The sixth and last international meeting of the System Development Group took place in Mamaia, Romania at the end of August.

In the same time the members of the Project Management Group have met and continued their work.

The two groups had several common owrking session in which they have discussed, among others, about the dissemination events that will take place as part of the project, the sustainability of the documentation system and its use after the end of the project.
An evaluation session was also organized by the PMG so that the members of the SDG can evaluate the whole participation in the project as well as the working process they have been through during the last one and a half years.

One of the decisions taken during the international meeting was that all the partner countries will have a common dissemination event that will be organized on October 6, 2016.

International meeting in Tallinn, Estonia

The fifth international meeting of the System Development Group took place in Tallinn, Estonia in April 2016.
The aim of the meeting was to give the SDG the possibility to go through and analyze the feedback from the test users of the beta version of The Logbook and decide on what changes that should be done in the system.

In the same period the members of the Project Management Group have come together and continued their project management work and in particular with the intermediate report that have been created after the first year of the project, the quality indicators that we need to follow during the project’s lifetime as part of our evaluation strategy etc.

At the link below you can read the Intermediate report of the project RISE:
Intermediate report – RISE Strategic partnership

International meeting in Dublin, Ireland

In November 2015 the City of Dublin Youth Service Board organized the meeting for the SDG to meet in Dublin to give feedback on the first mockup (digital sketch) of the system. It was with great satisfaction we saw the plans and structure that we had worked on during the year was put into a digital environment. Feedback on the digital sketch and what should be improved was the primary discussion during the meeting but also discussions about planning for the test phase, translations, content of user guides and implementation.

During the meeting there was a presentation for some potential Irish test users (Youth Projects) to inform them about the system and get some spontaneous feedback.

The first beta version of The Logbook – system for documentation of youth work will be live on February 15th and will then be tested by at least five youth work organization in each country. In the end of the test phase feedback will be gathered by a questionnaire. The feedback from the test users will be handled at next meeting in April.

International meeting in Pärnu, Estonia

The third international meeting was organized in August 2015 in Pärnu, Estonia by our partner organization
Association of Estonian Open Youth Centers. The meeting coincided with the conference “Measuring quality in youth work” organized by our Estonian partners as part of a larger project financed by Open Estonian Foundation. This gave us the possibility to meet and interact with Estonians youth leaders and experts working on the topic of quality in youth work and also gave us the possibility to increase the visibility of the project among the youth experts in Estonia.

During the meeting the SDG have finalized the structure for the documentation system of youth work and have planned the test version of the online platform.  The first version of the documentation system is expected to be ready by the end of 2015 while the testing phase is scheduled to take place during the first half of 2016. During the test phase youth organizations from the network countries will test the system and give feedback on it.

The web based documentation system will be a tool to develop and analyze your work, to promote reflective practice and extract instant statistics.

Besides the usual risk management, project and budget monitoring the PMG group worked with the development of the qualitative and quantitative indicators that will be used to measure the success of the project as well with prioritizing the visibility of the project and creating a mid-term project report.

International meeting in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

In June 2015 the working groups have met again and continued their work in the project. The meeting was organized with the help of our Romanian partner “Hunedoara County Direction for Sport and Youth” and it took place in the 2015 “European Youth Capital” Cluj-Napoca in Romania. The participants have also met a group of youngsters coordinating and organizing activities for the European Youth Capital.

By the meeting in June the SDG have finalized the mapping of documentation needs at national level and were able to show the results of the work done between the two international meetings. During this meeting they have start discussing about the structure, the level of access and the content of the future documentation system.

Download the mapping here:  RISE Mapping

The PMG followed-up the project’s risks and the implementation of the activities in the project’s timeframe and budget. They have finalized the contract between the partners in accordance with the work procedures previously decided and have developed a monthly monitoring template. The project managers have also started to discuss about the quality indicators to be included in the project’s evaluation.

Kick-off meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden

The kick-off meeting of the project was organized in Gothenburg, Sweden in February 2015.

The meeting brought together both working groups active in the project so that everybody could talk and reflect upon the objectives, the project’s steps and to create a conceptual framework to work around.

The expert taking part in the System Development Group (SDG) have discussed different concepts related with documentation of youth work and presented several systems that are used in today. An important point on their agenda was planning the mapping of documentation needs in the partner countries.

The participants taking part in the Project Management Group (PMG) have worked with the following topics: roles and activities managed by PMG; the importance of good project management and reporting; common concepts; financial management: budget following, budget reporting, reimbursement procedures; risk management; project monitoring and report of activities; on-line collaboration and coordination instruments; communication and visibility.

Programme for the first RISE Strategic Partnership meeting 9-13 February 2015 in Gothenburg

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Pictures from the RISE conference in Dublin 2014

Report from the RISE conference 2014. Click here to view.

Report from the RISE conference 2013.

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